Hero Stories

"I joined the Men in the Arena Facebook group because of a recommendation, and it just took off from there. Through the Facebook group I was able to get in contact with a few men from my church, which led to a men's accountability group, which led to joining a porn addiction recovery group. This has been huge in my personal relationship with God and with my wife and children. They also have noticed a difference in my life and attitude. The podcasts are so inspirational and convicting. I've never been one to listen to podcasts. They were always so boring to me. But I can't get enough of the Arena podcasts. I only have about 40 minutes a day on my commute to and from work to listen to them. I only have about 100 more to go haha. I wish I had more time to listen to them. I can't get enough. Thank you from my heart. God is using you guys in big ways.”       
                                                      -Arena Man, Ca

"Man ….I’m sooooo thankful for you and for how you connect the world to modern day heroes of the faith! I listened to Regi’s Campbell’s interview a few weeks ago (Regi passed away on January 19, 2019), got on his website, and ordered his books. This man will impact eternity through me because of his work, as are you sir!

We listen to the Men in the Arena Podcast as we ruck with 17-20 year old guys that come from hard places: usually fatherlessness, poverty and the foster care system. I tell them all the time, you had a rough start that was outside of your control, but now it’s time to be a man and that’s only in your hands. You’re doing powerful things, thanks for letting me use you from afar to shape corners of heaven! Hang Tough, Always Fight, Make the Jump!”                              
                                                  -Arena Man, Mississippi

“Just being able to have the Men in the Arena Forum for guidance and help when I have a question is the best gift you all can give. I have a hard time reading. Not because I can’t read just never was my thing haha. I’m 31 and I have read one book in my life, so reading the Bible is proving to be somewhat difficult. But I’m not giving up. I need to this. I’m struggling as a father to my 3 kids and I want to become a better husband. I’ve tried it my way and nothing has worked. I’ve been very hard-headed when it comes to God. I don’t feel I’m worthy enough at this point. But I keep hearing he loves me and is a patient God. So, I’m trying to learn His Word and asking for his help to be a better man. I’m a man full of doubt and anger. But I’m a man willing to do whatever it takes to do the best for my family. Last week when I finally accepted Christ, I cannot understand everything God does and some things just can’t be explained it was a game-changer for me.”
                                 -Arena Man, Midwest Somewhere, USA

“I listened in (on your daily COVID-19 life feed) yesterday and heard what you said about having someone you look up to and it being ok with having a person like that in your life. Yesterday earlier in the day I had listened to a (prominent pastor) and his heart’s desire to see people come to the Lord. When I became “volunteer” lead pastor there were people who told me that I was going to just try to make our church just like his. What I figured out yesterday as you spoke is that I look up to his heart for God and have a desire to be like that. Most people want to critique others to help themselves feel better about who they aren’t. I don’t want to be like that. Yesterday I discovered that I want a heart like (prominent pastor’s) for very good reasons. And that its ok to want that. Yesterday you confirmed it. Thank you.”
                                                  -Arena Man, Oregon