International Ministry Leader Endorsements

Seth Barnes

Men need other men and they need the kind of activation that Jim Ramos specializes in.
Men in the Arena will help you get off the bench and help you fight for what's important.

— The World Race / Adventures in missions  Founder  


Dr. Joe Martin

Men in the Arena is exactly what the world needs for such a time as this. An organization that's not only willing to call men out and challenge them to step up to be what God intended, but also to come alongside and lock shields with them to join them in the battle. It doesn't get any better than this. Men in the Arena isn't just a 'good idea,' it's a 'God idea' who's time has come.


Kenny Sacht

Getting in the arena is one thing, but doing the arena is another; as men we must engage in all that Jesus told us to do, and so I give my thanks to all the Men In The Arena who are leading this charge.

— Wipe Every Tear, Founder


David Dusek

Men in the Arena is like having a fully-armed brigade of battle buddies from all around the world, which is critical for victory in a world where the enemy is looking for any opportunity to steal, kill, and destroy our marriages, our families and our communities.

— Rough Cut Men’s Ministry, Founder/Executive Director

Wess Stafford

What a different world we would have if only men would walk boldly into their arena, fight what needs to be fought, love what needs to be loved and bless what needs to be blessed!

President Emeritus, Compassion International

Wess Stafford

Brian Doyle

Jim Ramos speaks and acts with this conviction, 'When a man gets it, everybody wins.'  I agree!