When a man gets it - everyone wins!

Men are confused about who they are.
We are giving men a target to shoot at.

"Protecting integrity, fighting apathy, pursuing God passionately, leading courageously and finishing strong."


We are passionately building an army, and we want you to enlist in our Men in the Arena with nearly 100 nations represented!

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For you to become the best version of yourself for God, and for those you love an investment must be made.

We believe in the power of partnership.

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The summit of manhood is when a man fully grasps who he is as a man and follower of Jesus. When a man commits to living according to the life Jesus modeled, things change.

When a man gets it, everyone wins! When a man gets it, marriages change, families change, churches change, communities change, nations change and the world changes. When we talk about men “changing their world,” we mean their circle of influence. Men are innately wired by God to lead, fix, build and conquer. Men who get it give back. They love. They serve. They sacrifice.

Our ministry is supported by men who get it. Our teams are led by men who get it. We want you to be one of those men!

Men's Ministry Leaders

Seth Barnes

Men need other men and they need the kind of activation that Jim Ramos specializes in.
Men in the Arena will help you get off the bench and help you fight for what's important.

— The World Race / Adventures in missions  Founder  


Dr. Joe Martin

Men in the Arena is exactly what the world needs for such a time as this. An organization that's not only willing to call men out and challenge them to step up to be what God intended, but also to come alongside and lock shields with them to join them in the battle. It doesn't get any better than this. Men in the Arena isn't just a 'good idea,' it's a 'God idea' who's time has come.


Kenny Sacht

Getting in the arena is one thing, but doing the arena is another; as men we must engage in all that Jesus told us to do, and so I give my thanks to all the Men In The Arena who are leading this charge.

— Wipe Every Tear, Founder


David Dusek

Men in the Arena is like having a fully-armed brigade of battle buddies from all around the world, which is critical for victory in a world where the enemy is looking for any opportunity to steal, kill, and destroy our marriages, our families and our communities.

— Rough cut men’s ministry, Founder/Executive Director

Wess Stafford

What a different world we would have if only men would walk boldly into their arena, fight what needs to be fought, love what needs to be loved and bless what needs to be blessed!

President Emeritus, Compassion International

Wess Stafford

Brian Doyle

Jim Ramos speaks and acts with this conviction, 'When a man gets it, everybody wins.'  I agree!

Reaching the summit and finishing strong with your group


The Man Card Series

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2019 Live Auction Items

1. Jackalope Mount

In a small patch of ground in an undisclosed location somewhere northeast of Jordan Valley, Oregon lives the highly elusive Oregon or “Gray Sage” Jackalope. Their antlers grow for only a two short months every year during the darkest, coldest winter months of January and February. The rest of the year they look like the common Jackrabbit. But don’t be fooled. The Jackalope is very rare, one-of-a-kind species like the Snipe, Sasquatch, and Loch Ness Monster.

There’s no season for them because ODFW’s only documentation of the species from the 1940’s was lost forever when the Market Street Fire of 1948 in
Salem destroyed ODFW’s office, and all proof of existence. But every so often you may find a rare mount in an old eastern Oregon bar or hanging in sporting goods store in the middle of Nowhere, Oregon. Locals are sworn to secrecy so “Valley
Dwellers” of the Willamette Valley won’t exterminate their beloved species. This rare mount was road killed and found in the middle of a Jordan Valley, Oregon
snowstorm at 11:59, on December 31, 1999 before Y2K destroyed the earth, as we know it. It can be yours if the price is right.

2. Steelhead fishing for three (December- March)

Take a couple friends on the gorgeous Nestucca River this winters and fight the mighty Steelhead of Oregon. Fishing on the Nestucca and gets really hot when everything comes together! All auction winners from last year had a blast and caught fish! You’ll love the humor and relaxed environment that fellow Man in the Arena and team captain, Brian Myrick provides. Fishing depends on watercolor, levels, temperature and—uh— fish! Make sure you talk to your guide prior to these months so you can get on the same page and have the best possible day on the river. Meals are not included and a modest tip is appreciated.

Donor: Brian Myrick

3. Hand Crafted
Chess Board

This amazing game board was designed and crafted by Arena Man, Steve Simmons. The foundation wood for the chess board is a solid black walnut board with live bark edges on two sides and 1/4" white oak inlay to form the chess pattern.  Thin black walnut and white oak strips are inlaid on all four sides with an additional white oak on each playing side.

The box is made of a black walnut top and bottom with sides of fiddle back maple. Fiddle back maple is the wood often used to make guitars and violins (aka fiddles). The corners of the box are fitted together with dovetail joints. The chess pieces were purchased from a high quality provider and the checkers are hand made of black walnut and white oak. All of the wood for these pieces is from local Yamhill County trees. This is truly a work of art to be treasured and passed on to generations to come.


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