Man Up What Masculinity Really Is Part 2

                                  10 Ways to Man Up God’s Way
                                                                 Part 2

The Man Up Man

Last week, the Men in the Arena Podcast featured Jody Burkeen, founder of Man Up God’s Way. Jody is also the lead pastor for Ignite Church near St. Louis. Missouri. In 2010 he founded Man Up God’s Way, a national men’s ministry that is challenging men to step up for the kingdom of God and authored the book, Man Up-Becoming A Godly Man in An Ungodly World.

Bottom 5 of the Top 10

Last week we shared 10-6 of the top ways to man up God’s way. Read last week’s blog for the full description of each.
          10. Let Go of “Sissification”: Take Hold of Courage
          9. Kill the Chameleon: Blend Out
          8. Throw Out the Furniture: Get in the Arena
          7. Hate Religion: Grow in Your Relationship with the Lord
          6. Chew Steel and Bend Iron: Man Up and Serve Others

Here are the remaining top five.

5. Take the Dog Collar Off: Put on God’s Mantle

Pulling no punches Burkeen writes, “Countless married Christian men have become spiritual sissies. These men have their tail between their legs, and their wives have them by the collar. Many of these men have allowed their wives to call all the shots, and they just follow around like a lost puppy waiting for the next treat. In many cases, it’s not because the wife wants to act this way, but because she doesn’t have the choice. Her husband isn’t stepping up.”
          More tactfully, who is the actual, functioning, spiritual leader in your home? If it’s not you then you are not living as the best version of who God created in you. You need to take off the dog collar and put on the mantle of God.
          All throughout the Bible and in each of the New Testament Household Codes (Colossians 3:18-4:1, Ephesians 5:22-6:9 and 1 Peter 3:1-7), the man is the unapologetic leader of the household, “Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself being the Savior of the body. But as the church is subject to Christ, so also the wives ought to be to their husbands in everything” (Ephesians 5:22-24).

4. Wife > Kids
At our annual fall banquet we handed out “WIFE > KIDS” bumper stickers to all but I have not seen one around our small town. Not one. Why is this? Why do “Christian” men, especially those in the second or third marriages shrink back from the Biblical mandate to love their wife more than their children?
          Because they do not and in refusing to do so they are not fully committed to their God, wife, or their children. Your wife, sensing this will become insecure in her marriage and an insecure wife is like walking in a thunderstorm with shorts and a t-shirt. It’s not a fun experience!
          Burkeen writes, “Your wife knows what’s inside of you more than anyone. She knows if you’re a hypocrite in your walk, and that makes you shy away from praying with her.”
          Jesus should be the most important person in the universe. Your bride should be the most important person on earth (if you want a strong marriage that lasts). Your children should be the most important people in your heritage. It’s really that simple.

3. Gravy Please: Take Back Your Role

A favorite omelet from our small-town diner, the “Murphy”, has sausage, cheese, and is smothered in gravy, which I usually have on the side or exclude it altogether. But when I’m feeling dirty, I let them smother it in the delicious grease, flour, and pepper!
          Burkeen writes, “Take control of teaching your children. Don’t let the school system, or Sunday school teacher or even the church have control of what your kids are learning when it comes to the Bible.”
          You are the primary influencer of your children. Everything else is gravy. Be aware of the constant media, educational, and cultural voices that seek to destroy most things taught in the Bible. Protect your children by being the most truthful, loving, and authoritative voice they will ever hear.

2. Leave the Rat Race: Join the Human Race
I wish I knew as much about rest at 30 as I do now. I wish I would have stopped boasting about how hard I worked and learned to rest. I wish I would have focused on sleeping 1/3 of every day of the week, resting one, and taking another off to focus on the Honey Do List.
          Burkeen writes, “In the rat race we’re in today, very few men are taking the time to actually rest.”
          Our Men in the Arena have no problem with working hard. Their overwhelming problem, however, is finding time rest in the insidious Stress Bubble of life. Stop boasting about how hard you work. We all work hard. Instead, influence those around you to rest, recover, and be alive

1. High Five: One of These May Take You Out
Burkeen breaks down masculine issues into five deadly sins, “All men have only five problems: sex, women, work, kids and money. That’s how simplistic we are. So somewhere out there, there is an accountability partner for you. You just have to want it. We will continue to have these problems until we lay them at the feet of Jesus. Get someone to help you. Begin the process together. Having no accountability in your Christian walk will lead to a spiritual demise- guaranteed.”
           We know the problems we face. But do you have men in your life to make sure you do not compromise the best version of you for a counterfeit?

Boots on the Ground

Who knows your darkness? Who prays against your great temptations? Who will you call at 2:00 am when your world falls apart? You had better find a handful of these men ASAP before you ruin your life. We can help you. It’s what we do. Visit our website today and check out our plan to lead you to your best version.

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