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Man Up What Masculinity Really Is Part 2

                                  10 Ways to Man Up God’s Way
                                                                 Part 2

The Man Up Man

Last week, the Men in the Arena Podcast featured Jody Burkeen, founder of Man Up God’s Way. Jody is also the lead pastor for Ignite Church near St. Louis. Missouri. In 2010 he founded Man Up God’s Way, a national men’s ministry that is challenging men to step up for the kingdom of God and authored the book, Man Up-Becoming A Godly Man in An Ungodly World.

Bottom 5 of the Top 10

Last week we shared 10-6 of the top ways to man up God’s way. Read last week’s blog for the full description of each.
          10. Let Go of “Sissification”: Take Hold of Courage
          9. Kill the Chameleon: Blend Out
          8. Throw Out the Furniture: Get in the Arena
          7. Hate Religion: Grow in Your Relationship with the Lord
          6. Chew Steel and Bend Iron: Man Up and Serve Others

Here are the remaining top five.

5. Take the Dog Collar Off: Put on God’s Mantle

Pulling no punches Burkeen writes, “Countless married Christian men have become spiritual sissies. These men have their tail between their legs, and their wives have them by the collar. Many of these men have allowed their wives to call all the shots, and they just follow around like a lost puppy waiting for the next treat. In many cases, it’s not because the wife wants to act this way, but because she doesn’t have the choice. Her husband isn’t stepping up.”
          More tactfully, who is the actual, functioning, spiritual leader in your home? If it’s not you then you are not living as the best version of who God created in you. You need to take off the dog collar and put on the mantle of God.
          All throughout the Bible and in each of the New Testament Household Codes (Colossians 3:18-4:1, Ephesians 5:22-6:9 and 1 Peter 3:1-7), the man is the unapologetic leader of the household, “Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself being the Savior of the body. But as the church is subject to Christ, so also the wives ought to be to their husbands in everything” (Ephesians 5:22-24).
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Jim Ramos

Man Up What Masculinity Really Is

                                           10 Ways to Man Up God’s Way
                                                                     Part 1

Two Most Confusing Words

“Man Up!” are the two most confusing words, often spoken to young boys by men who have no right declaring their manhood. Often these biological males are confused, immature, and the furthest thing from a strong man, believing the myth that “Man UP” is a license for promiscuity, violence, and self-destructive behavior. I’m excited to blow these myths up in the fall release of, Strong Men Dangerous Time: Five Essentials Every Man Must Possess to Change His World.
          This week, the Men in the Arena Podcast features Jody Burkeen, founder of Man Up God’s Way. Jody is also the lead pastor for Ignite Church near St. Louis, Missouri. In 2010 he founded Man Up God’s Way, a national men’s ministry that is challenging men to step up for the kingdom of God and authored the book, Man Up—Becoming A Godly Man in An Ungodly World.
          In our interview Jody shared several ways a man can Man Up God’s Way. Here are my top ten. 

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Jim Ramos


Five Phrases of a Man Who Opposes Racism

Life in Context

Context is important. Here’s mine. My Grandpa Ramos was second-generation Portuguese, the only surviving male out of nine children. English wasn’t spoken in his home. He learned it elsewhere. After his older brother Manuel died in a fire, he dropped out of 8th grade to support his elderly parents. At twenty-something, he met my Grandma who had a similar experience in her Italian immigrant home. They eloped when the families would not allow “mixed” marriages.
           My Grandpa on my mothers’ side flew fighter plane in World War II and returned an alcoholic from battle stress. He died an alcoholic, an unrecorded causality of war. My roots go to a Minute Man in the Revolutionary War, World War I, plus being blood-related to Abraham Lincoln. More recently my father-in-law fought and bled and earned a Purple Heart for his service in Viet Nam.
          I drive a four-wheel drive, fly the American flag in the yard, hang a Gadsden Flag in my garage, and last week I picked up a roadkill deer (legal in Oregon) where I skinned, butchered, and packaged it. My parents divorced on my 13th birthday, and I worked through high school. I earned a football scholarship to a private University, which is a good thing since it was that or the military. I vote Pro-Life and am proud of my heritage.  

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Jim Ramos


What Sharpens Iron?

Proverbs 27:17 is the ultimate man verse: “As Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”
          I discovered a fresh perspective on our most recent episode: “Iron Age folks used the properties of iron to restore the edge of an iron tool: they used an iron mallet to bang on it and straighten it. Iron that strikes iron hard enough will change that iron in some way. It may improve it. It may damage it. But it will make a difference.”
          This illustration describes the mentoring relationship where a mentor strikes, and pounds, and challenges a protégé into a better version of himself.

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Jim Ramos


“7 Principles for Blending Well”

A.C.O.D. What!?

The 2013 released comedy, A.C.O.D. quoted statistics that 2.3% of the American population are OCD, 55% are diagnosed with ADHD, but 54% are A.C.O.D. (Adult Children of Divorce), of which I am one.
          When speaking to men about fatherhood issues I often ask what they received for their thirteenth birthday. Younger men sometimes remember, but the room usually is silent. Who remembers a birthday from decades ago?
          I do.
          It was the day, or close to it, that my parents gave me and my siblings the “It’s Not Your Fault We Are Getting a Divorce” speech. I was relieved. I remember saying out loud, “Finally!” 

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