Friends Giving

Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross

As newlyweds, Shanna and I loved watching the nineties show, “Friends” on our one channel “box screen” television. While the show featured Thanksgiving episodes where the cast of characters ate together, the word did not originate with the show.

       According to Merriam-Webster, “Friendsgiving is a mashup of the word friend and thanksgiving that refers to a large meal among friends eaten during the Thanksgiving season.” The word first appeared around 2007 as an informal replacement for the holiday typically spent with family. It slowly trickled into use as more and more people planned Friendsgiving, but it really started coming into national prominence in 2011 when Bailey's Irish Cream used the word in an ad campaign.
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Intimacy Anorexia

Too Close for Comfort

Origen of Alexandria(184–253) was an early Christian theologian who wrote roughly 2,000 texts about theology, biblical exegesis, and spirituality. He was seen as “the greatest genius the early church ever produced” (Wikipedia). He was also committed to a life of strenuous asceticism (self-denial). Rumors were spread by Demetrius, bishop of Alexandria, that Origen castrated himself as a young man in a brutal act of “purity”.
       Greek historian Eusebius (260-339) also alleged that as a young man, Origen castrated himself so as to work freely in instructing female catechumens.
       In his commentary theologian William Barclay (1907-1978) wrote, “Some even went to lengths of castrating themselves to secure what they thought was purity. Origen, for instance, took that course.”
       Whether this is the brutal truth or if Origen was the victim of malicious gossip we may never know. Either way, it cuts a little too close for my comfort!

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The Perfect Marriage

Facebook Couples

The other day I ran into one of our ex-Starbucks baristas who fervently proclaimed my marriage to Shanna as, “the perfect Facebook couple!”
          I laughed, “If you only knew what our marriage was really like you might not say that!”
          Social media is a liar. It’s the place where we put our best foot forward. It’s our highlight film. It’s a micro view into life, but it’s not reality. It’s not that we purposely lie, but we want people to see the best version of us, not the daily grind.
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Loving Popsicle to Death

The Power of a Man

I read often in preparation for the Men in the Arena Podcast, and just finished The Power of a Man by my friend and the founder of Better Dads, Rick Johnson. Rick is my favorite author on fathering and I highly recommend his books. Rick will be one of our presenters at this year’s only PNW (Pacific Northwest) Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference on April 4, 2020 in McMinnville, OR. 
          Ask us for your event packet today.

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Wife Is Greater Than Kids

Radical Husbands and Bumper Stickers

We recently interviewed Regi Campbell, founder of Radical Mentoring about his book, What Radical Husbands Do.His book was one of the best books on marriage I’ve read in years. It’s short, hard hitting, and filled with great stories. It’s a much better book that I initially expected, which made it even more enjoyable.

In the coming weeks I’ll unpack several principles from Regi’s book. His organization also offers a ton of free quality material you may want to check out.

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